Are you struggling to find peace after a challenging or traumatic time?

Do you get overwhelmed when it comes dealing with your emotions?

Do you want to move forward in your life but keep getting stuck?

My name is Joia and I can help!

I help people process grief, trust their own guidance, and develop strong emotional resilience.

I address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing as well as teach simple tools that can be used in everyday life to experience more peace and joy.

During our time together, you'll let go of tough emotions like sadness, grief, shame and loneliness, as well as unhelpful patterns and habits.  You'll also learn simple tools for managing and even thriving through life's ups and downs.

I help you by using my skills as a Master Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (also called EFT or Tapping), a Reiki healer, and an Akashic Records Consultant.

This is very POWERFUL work that will CALM and TRANSFORM your energy.

Your capacity for calm, understanding, and emotional steadiness will increase.

You'll experience compassion and forgiveness for yourself, your ancestors, and others.

You'll feel more grounded, safe, and loved.

You'e welcome to schedule your Freedom from Grief Strategy Session, a FREE 40-minute consultation where we come up with a plan to get you feeling better. <<click here to schedule>>

Lots of love to you,