Everyone experiences sadness, anger, and frustration from time to time, but I learned first-hand that prolonged stress drains us physically, mentally, and emotionally, and also makes us feel disconnected from spirit.

A few years ago, after a living most of my life as a sensitive, moody, stressed out and unfulfilled person, I found myself in another downward spiral…except this was worse than ever.

After the traumatic loss of a pregnancy that included the loss of trust in my partner, I spent over 2 years crying, having nightmares, belittling myself and my partner for our mistakes, going into debt, compromising my health, and barely making it day by day.

During that period I also lost my grandmother and my mother.  I watched my mother care for her mother in her last days, and I did the same for my mom.

Along with conscious dedication to personal growth, all these events strengthened and expanded my skills and power as a healer.

In this journey to save myself I ended up re-inventing myself.

I sought out and experienced many forms of ancient and traditional care and dove deeper and deeper into my shadows.

Every day was a real challenge but I did my best to honor my absolute truth – that if I was going to exist, then I was going to exist as a healer.  More specifically, I became aware that I wanted to teach others to heal themselves.

I've used Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT or Tapping) to calm my nerves, to release anger and sadness, to feel a sense of hope again, and for countless other benefits.

I've been accessing the Akashic Records since dealing with the passing of my grandmother and my mother's lung cancer diagnosis.

There was something about myself that I held true to through all of that, and my sense of self is very strong.

As I continue to work through aspects of my own growth an overall a sense of peace with everything has grown within me.

I am in a place where I'm ready to build my dreams again, this time FEARLESSLY.

I am certified by The Miracle Center of California as a Master practitioner of EFT with Source Technique TM.  I am also an Akashic Records Consultant, a Reiki energy healer, a certified yoga instructor, and of course intuitive.

The forms of healing I practice address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of pain, loss, healing, and growth.

I've also helped people find instantaneous and long-lasting relief from migraines, stop their nail-biting habit, remove themselves from harmful relationships, and find their dream job.

I’d be honored to support you on your path to a better future.

You'e welcome to schedule your Freedom from Grief Strategy Session, a FREE 40-minute consultation where we come up with a plan to get you feeling better. <<click here to schedule>>

With love,


The Heal it Now! online summit starts July 11th, 2017!