10 Reasons EFT Tapping Might Not Be Working for You

You may have tried EFT Tapping by yourself or even with a practitioner and discovered that it just didn't work for you.  If you didn't feel better in the moments, days, and weeks after a session it could have been because of one of these reasons shown here.

There are a few other reasons that I;m thinking of even as I write this, but my point is that you tried EFT and it didn't work for you, please consider trying it again under the right conditions and with the right time and attention, or with a practitioner.

I have never had a case or a client where the tapping “didn't work”.  It is true that some cases take several sessions to specifically heal or clear, but it's also common for life-long fears, habits, or beliefs to clear in a single session.

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Remember to Breathe!

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Happiness is the way


I have had times when it was tough, or even impossible, to feel happiness.

As time goes on and as I gain emotional strength and practice where I place my thoughts and energy, it becomes easier and easier to make the choice to feel happiness.

I’ve had to be FIERCE about this in the past. Now it comes less forcefully.

It takes more to get me flustered or upset.

There’s a lot of things that I just….deal with; and move on.

It’s really quite amazing what can be done when you’re committed to your own health and happiness.

This holiday season, make a point to cultivate, nurture, and reap your happiness. The happiness that is already there as soon as you are ready to feel it.



Getting to the Truth of it

“One of the great paradoxes of the spiritual journey is that at the soul level you are perfect in every way, yet in your current physical form you may be suffering some very real limitations such as mental or physical illness, chronic disease, financial hardship, or relationship problems. As you walk your spiritual path, you're asked to hold within yourself these seemingly conflicting truths: so while your infinite soul is perfect and flawless, your finite human self may be suffering from a very real human experience.

[…] these two truths do not negate each other; they merely coexist until you leave your physical body and become entirely spirit and entirely whole at the end of this current lifetime.

Understanding this spiritual paradox allows us to recognize that illnesses and disasters of any kind are neither indictments nor expressions of the condition of the soul. Rather, they are experiences that we encounter as humans for the purpose of learning to love ourselves and others in spite of – or oftentimes, because of – those illnesses or disasters.”

The excerpt above is taken from the book “How to Read the Akashic Records” by Linda Howe. The passage describes the concept which is the basis of the healing that occurs in the Akashic Records.

Also known as “The Book of Life” or “Book of Knowledge”, the Akashic Records contain information about every soul and its journey through all of its lifetimes. With your permission, I am able to access the “Records” of your soul. The same can be done for your business, home or pet.

I was originally drawn to the Records in the search for true peace earlier this year after losing my Grandmother and finding out about my mother’s cancer.

Akashic Records Consultations are for those who desire to support the evolution of their soul and who are ready, willing and open to seeing events and situations from the perspective of their soul and beyond. This is very sacred work that can bring about meaningful change. Deep healing occurs in these sessions. Sometimes we are given images of past lives or messages from deceased loved ones in these readings.

You may know logically that you are whole and perfect. The tools I use allow you to FEEL this and KNOW it in your heart.

Here are some things to know about the Records:

-The Akashic Records are a vibrational recording of your soul's journey.  “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word which means substance from where all things are formed.

-Many people visualize the Records as a library or a book.  It is often referred to as “The Book of Records”, “The Book of Life”, or “The Book of Knowledge”.

-Your SPECIFIC permission is required in order for someone to be able to read your Akashic Records.

-Your soul’s Records are guarded by special beings who love you and know you as the perfect soul that you are.  These beings are called your Master, Teachers, and Loved Ones.  They determine which messages come through, and how.

-The Akashic Records contain ONLY the most loving and divine vibrations. When the records are being accessed truthfully, there is no fear – only compassion, love, and empowerment.

-The more open you are to receiving guidance, the more you can be supported and healed by the Records.

To book an Akashic Records Consultation and Healing session, click here: http://bit.ly/JoiaAkashic

If you are not sure if this session is right for you, you are welcome to book a FREE 30-MINUTE Heart Healing Session with me and I will provide you with some guidance on which of my services might best fit your goals: http://bit.ly/joiagibble

From Despair to Courage: 3 Phases of the Heart Center


In my work, I may ask my client to describe where an emotion resides in their body.  This is one aspect of the negative emotion that we identify for the purpose of clearing it.  For example, they may say that they feel their anger in their hands.  Emotions show up in our bodies like this because a dis-empowering perception, belief or memory has clogged our energy system.

People who have been traumatized but are not yet healed often describe a sensation that lives in the center of their chest.  They may describe it as a dark weight, a hole, emptiness, or like the breath has been taken out of them.  Probably 90% of my clients describe this sensation at some point during our work.

When they first come to me what they are feeling is more than an empty space.  This is where despair lives, and I call it the Black Hole.

(You see, one way I get intuitive messages is by “clairsentience”.  I have the ability to feel what another person feels in their body, and from that I’m often able to decipher “messages” or information.)

The Black Hole is a dizzying gravity that that resides in the heart center (also known as center of the chest or heart chakra).  It often has green light flowing into, out of, or around it.

It is an energetic expression of fear, pain, doubt, and mistrust.  It holds on to pain, sees the worst in everything, and feeds your mind negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts beget negative thoughts.

It affects your feelings, your decisions, your beliefs, your actions – your life.

So, what to do?

You have to acknowledge the Heart Center.  You have to become intimate with it.  Be kind with yourself when you do this.

This is a part and process of reversing the black hole so it flows outward instead of inward.  This is a gradual process that happens in three phases.

The sensation starts out feeling like a Black Hole.  As some of the worst feelings are healed the sensation becomes more of a SPACE.   This space is a relief.  This space allows us to open up to our true desires and cultivate positive thoughts.  This space is still an unfamiliar feeling that I help people navigate so that old fears and patterns don’t set back in.

Positive thoughts beget positive thoughts, and then there is a sensation of EXPANSION, WORTHINESS, and LOVE flowing into and from the Heart Center.

Therefore, regular introspection and observation of the Heart Center can help us measure the progress of our emotional health.

Take a deep breath in and notice your Heart Center.  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?

Wherever you are, it can be expanded and healed.

Here is a rough structure of the feelings and thoughts associated with each stage:

Negative Feelings: Despair, Crippling emotional pain, Blame, Powerlessness, “There’s no hope.”, “I’ve failed.”, “I’ll always feel like this.”, Paranoia.

SPACE: Cautious, Anxious, “I feel better but I’m afraid.”, “I’m unsure of the future.”, “I don’t want to be hurt again.”, “I want to change these patterns.”, Hope, Desire for change.

Positive Feelings: Courage, Strength, Power, Positivity, “I go forward.”, “I create my reality.”, “I am loved and supported.”, Pronoia.

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